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SSC Scholarship Result 2017

SSC Scholarship Result 2017! Secondary School Certificate Examination was held on 2nd February 2017. About 1.8M student attend in this examination. SSC result 2017 will be published on 11th May 2017. You can get your desired results from the Bangladesh Education Ministry results publications authority. After publishing the results the Education Board will find the talented students and give Scholarship among the students. If you want to know about SSC scholarship, then I hope this post will help you. In here, I tried by best for describe Bangladesh SSC Scholarship result 2017. Every year the scholarship result will publish after SSC exam result published. In this year also you'll get it after the SSC Results 2017 published.

SSC Scholarship Result 2017

SSC Scholarship Result 2017 for All Board

There are ten Education Board in our Country, those are Dhaka Board, Chittagong Board, Rajshahi Board, Comilla Board, Sylhet Board, Jessore Board, Barishal Board, Dinajpur Board, Madrasa Board and Technical Board. All the education board will publish the Scholarship results on their official website. You can easily download the results from their website. Either you can also get your SSC Scholarship Results from our website. We are proving all kinds of Education results, news, and updates.

When SSC Scholarship Result 2017 will Publish?

This is a common question at all SSC passed student. Every student waits for SSC Scholarship result. Did you know that Every year a lot of student’s passing SSC examination with remarkable marks. They are now waiting for SSC Scholarship result. Students will get the stipend for Two years. There are some criteria for getting SSC stipend. The criteria are following in below.

  • Only the Bangladeshi students will get the stipend.
  • Scholarship will be continued depend on higher education progress.
  • The selected students will get the fees for education facilities. 

Bangladesh Education Ministry will give the stipend in two different categories. Bangladesh Govt. will give the amount among the Talent students. Students will get Six hundred(600/-) Taka for Talent pool Scholarship and Three Hundred (300/-) taka for general grade Scholarship. Talent pool grade students will get 4000/- Taka per year as stipend and the General grade students will get 2700/- Taka per year.

The SSC Scholarship result will be published in the last of the year. Students can get the results from various Education Board Website. But it is difficult for students to get at once. Don’t worry we will share all the Boards Scholarship Result in our online portal. You can easily download all the results from our website within a click. Check all the Education Board SSC Scholarship results 2017 from here.

  1. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Dhaka Board
  2. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Rajshahi Board
  3. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Chittagong Board
  4. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Comilla Board
  5. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Jessore Board
  6. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Sylhet Board
  7. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Dinajpur Board
  8. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Barishal Board
  9. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Madrasa Board
  10. SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Technical Board

We will publish the scholarship results for SSC 2017 after publishing the result on the Education Board Website. If you failed to download results from the official website, you can check our website for your desired SSC Scholarship results in 2017.

SSC Result 2017

How to check SSC Exam Result 2017?

SSC result is most important for SSC Scholarship. Becuase the government of Bangladesh give the Scholarship only high talent student. If you want to know you SSC Exam Result 2017 then you must follow below instruction. Previously we published lots of tutorial about how to check SSC result of this year. In below all posts are shown. Check this out.

I hope all above SSC exam results tutorial will help you for collect your SSC 2017 Result. Check all posts one by one, I hope you got your desired method for collect your result.

Finally, this scholarship will help you to grow your higher education. I hope it will give you mush Inspiration and motivation to shine in life. Please read attentively for good results. If you face any problems to get the results please give a comment below for solution. Thank you for reading this article. Keep an eye on our website for more updates.
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SSC Result 2017 will be publish on 11th May 2017 said education minister Nurul Islam Nahid. From this page you can collect your all SSC Exam Result for all education board Bangladesh. Get your SSC Results 2017 and SSC Exam Results 2017 BD.

JSC Routine 2017 JPEG/PDF Download

Junior School Certificate in short JSC Routine 2017 is here. It is another most important public examination at all class 8 students. Even this is a first educational public examination for class eight student. If anyone can pass this exam, he/she will admit into class 9. So you know that how much important JSC Exam for you. If you looking for JSC Exam Routine 2017 for you or your children, then you're in right place. Today I am going to share a full JSC and JDC routine and time table with you. JDC is also the same exam with JSC. JDC students are from Bangladesh Madrasah board. Here is also JDC Routine 2017.

JSC Routine 2017

JSC Routine 2017 for All Board

Ministry of Bangladesh education board publishes all official routine or timetable. They till not publish the JSC exam Routine 2017. But in here I am going to share probable exam routine for JSC and JDC. Once the routine got publish officially, then I'll update it here immediately. Don't be worried. In last year JSC exam was started from 1st November to 17th November 2016 under the 8th general education board. I hope in this also the JSC exam and JDC exam will start from the first week of November 2017. Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) exam always held under the Bangladesh Madrasah board. Their subjects are deferent but exam date is same. So, I hope that JDC and JSC routine 2017 will start from at the same time. In below I am sharing most probable exam date of JSC exam. The exam routine of JSC 2017 is compatible for all education board like Dhaka Board, Chittagong Board, Sylhet Board, Rajshahi Board, Comilla Board, Barisal Board, Jessore Board, Dinajpur Board and Madrasa Board. Note the exam schedule from below.
01.11.2017 (WED) Bangla 1st Paper 101 10:00 AM
02.11.2017 (THU) Bangla 2nd Paper 102 10:00 AM
04.11.2017 (SAT) English 1st Paper 107 10:00 AM
06.11.2017 (MON) English 2nd Paper 108 10:00 AM
07.11.2017 (TUE) Information & Communication Technology 154 10:00 AM
08.11.2017 (WED) Mathematics 109 10:00 AM
09.11.2017 (THU) a) Islam
b) Hindu
c) Buddhist
d) Christian
a) 111
b) 112
c) 113
d) 114
10:00 AM
11.11.2017 (SAT) Bangladesh & Bissho Poricoy 150 10:00 AM
13.11.2017 (MON) Physical Education & Health 147 10:00 AM
14.11.2017 (TUE) Science 127 10:00 AM
15.11.2017 (WED) Work and Life Oriented Education  155 10:00 AM
16.11.2017 (THU) a) Agriculture
b) Domestic Science
c) Arabic
d) Sanskrit
e) Pali
a) 134
b) 151
c) 121
d) 123
e) 124
10:00 AM
18.11.2017 (SAT) Arts & CraftsC 148 10:00 AM

PDD Download JSC Routine 2017

I hope you got understand about probable exam date and time of JSC examination of this year. Once the routine got published, Then I'll update PDF and Image file here. Then you can download this any format. You can also check this out PSC Routine 2017.

JDC Routine 2017 Madrasah Board

You know that JDC and JSC exam start with the same time. But subjects are changed of JDC exam. That's why every candidate's need download separate routine for JDC exam. In here I am also sharing the JDC Routine 2017. Every year Bangladesh Madrasah Board publish JDC exam routine. But this year they till not publish the routine. Once the routine got published, I'll update it here immediately.

JDC Routine 2017 PDF Download

SSC Exam Result 2017 is an educational based website that publishes all kind of educational information about Bangladesh education board. If you have to need any education board results of this year, then you can easily find some useful tutorial and latest information that announced by education board. In here you can found SSC, HSC, JSC, JDC and PSC result 2017 easily. You can also bookmark our site.

Final words, I said before, The JSC Routine 2017 till not published by Bangladesh education board. When they publish the routine as an image file, then I'll update it here quickly. If you visit this post regularly then you can know all latest information about JSC and JDC routine 2017. If you face any problems or if you have any question about this article, then leave a comment on the comment section. I'll try my label best for reply your comment.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

PSC Routine 2017 with PDF File

PSC Routine 2017! This time I am sharing PSC Exam Routine 2017 with you. Primary school certificate in short PSC is the examination of class 5. Ebtedayee is also the same exam of PSC. Who are studying under Bangladesh Madrasah board they called Ebtedayee student. If you also looking for Ebtedayee routine 2017, then this post may helpful for you. Last year PSC and Ebtedayee exam were held on November 2016. Probably the exam date may be same. In here I am sharing probably exam date or PSC Routine 2017 according to last year exam date. You can easily download officially published PSC and Ebtedayee exam routine by Primary education board of Bangladesh.

PSC Routine 2017

PSC Routine 2017

PSC is the first educational examination at all class 5 students. If they are passed the exam, then they can admit info class 6. After that, they start their Secondary school journey. Routine or timetable is most important part of every exam. If you looking for PSC Routine 2017 for all education board, then SSC Result 2017 web page may helpful for you. In here I am going to share full and final PSC Exam Routine that officially published by Primary education board. All PSC exam held under the Directorate of Primary education board and routine and time table also publish under this board. In below I am sharing probable PSC Exam Routine 2017.
Subject Date Day Time
English 20 November 2017 Monday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Bangla 21 November 2017 Tuesday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Bangladesh and & Bushway porichoy 22 November 2017 Wednesday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
General Science 23 November 2017 Thursday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Religion and Moral Education 25 November 2017 Saterday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Mathematics 27 November 2017 Monday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM

PSC Routine 2017 PDF Download

You can also download PSC Routine 2017 as an image file or PDF file. But you should need to publish the routine officially by Primary education board. Once the routine published with the image, then we'll also convert if PDF file. Then you can easily save the routine for your children exam. I hope you understand about it. 

Ebtedayee Routine 2017 Madrasah Board

You know that PSC and Ebtedayee exam is same. The examine who attended on PSC exam called that Ebtedayee student. But this routine is deferent. You can download your Ebtedayee Routine 2017 from here. The exam of  Ebtedayee will start with the same time of PSC Exam. But you know that subjects of Ebtedayee students aren't same. In below I am just sharing most probable exam date of Ebtedayee exam 2017. Once the routine will publish officially, then I will again update it here immediately.
Subject Date Day Time
English 20 November,2017 Monday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Bangla 21 November,2017 Tuesday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Bangladesh & bisway porichoy 22 November,2017 Wednesday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Arabic 23 November,2017 Thursday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Quran & Tajbid & akaid & Fikaf 25 November,2017 Saterday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Mathematics 27 November,2017Monday 11.00 AM to 1.30 PM

PDF Download Ebtedayee Routine 2017

Guys, I hope you understand about the full routine of PSC and Ebtedayee exam. If you want an image format of full exam routine, then wait until the routine published by officially. I recommended you, visit our site regularly for finding your PSC Exam Routine 2017.

Final words: If you have any question about PSC exam and Ebtedayee exam routine and time table, then just leave a comment on the comment sections. You can find a more informative article about your PSC Routine 2017. Thank you very much for stay with us.
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Monday, March 13, 2017

SSC Exam Result 2017 All Education Board

Are you looking for SSC Exam Result 2017 all education board? Well, in this post you can find your Bangladesh SSC Result for all general education board. In Bangladesh total 8th board presents without Madrasah and Technical board. These are Dhaka Board, Chittagong Board,  Rajshahi Board, Comilla Board,  Barisal Board, Sylhet Board, Dinajpur Board and Jessore Board. In this year Secondary School Certificate in short SSC examination was held under these education board with 1880 exam centers over the country. After the exam, basically, students are looking for all method for collect their result. They always search how to get SSC Result 2017 easily. Don't worry guys, I am here. In this article, I will show you all available process for collect SSC Exam Result for all education board.

SSC Exam Result 2017 All Education Board

SSC Exam Result 2017

In 2016, the SSC Exam Result was published on May. This is the rule of Bangladesh education board. They publish all public exam result like SSC and HSC after the 90 days of exam end. According to this rule, I hope the SSC Result 2017 will be published on last week of May. This is the probable date. Once the publish date announced by Bangladesh education board, then we'll update it here immediately. This is the very informative website that publishes all latest information and updates about SSC Exam Result 2017. If you're an SSC candidates and if you're looking for your result any board, then you can follow this post. In here, I am going to share all SSC Result 2017 for all education board.

When Publish the SSC Result 2017?

Do you know, when the publish SSC Result 2017? Don’t worry if you're a student of the madrasa Education Board or technical Education board or any other board of Bangladesh. We are going to update madrasa Board Routine 2017 and Technical Education Board Routine 2017 near SSC test Schedule 2017. Check detail info in below to urge your info. The SSC test result 2017 began on second Feb 2017 and it'll continue till 7th March 2017. Every year Bangladesh education board publish all results after 3 months I mean 90 days. Soi hopes the SSC Result 2017 will be published on Last week of May 2017. Dakhil Result 2017 will be published also at the same time of SSC.

SSC Result 2017 by

Are you familiar with This is the official website of Bangladesh education board for collect all public examination result. If you want to collect your result sheet with online, then you must need to go to this website. Every student must need to know this URL for check his/her result by Online internet. On the result day, you can collect your SSC Result 2017 by after 2:00 PM with mark sheet. Mark sheet is the another important thing for every student. It must need everywhere for any admission.

SSC Result 2017 by

If you once visit the site, then you can see a page with above screenshot. Now if you fill up all options with your correct information, then will get your SSC Exam Result 2017 easily by this page. Previously we also shared another article for how to get the result online. You can also check this out for more and better information.

SSC Exam Result 2017 by Mobile SMS system

Mobile SMS is the another easiest method for receive any SSC Exam Results 2017. About a few hours ago we shared another article for mobile SMS system. This year a huge number of examining are attended on the SSC examination. After publishing the result everyone looking for alternative ways for check their result. Mobile SMS system will be better ways for check SSC Result 2017.

SSC Exam Result 2017 by Mobile SMS system

How To Check SSC Result 2017 By Teletalk? it was our previous article. The best way for check result quickly and fast. Although Bangladesh is a middle income and poor country. But every year many candidates attended on the examination under the 8th general education board. In this year also total 17,86,613 candidates attended on SSC examinations. It's huge. Now this time to get collect your result.

SSC Result 2017 Through Mobile SMS

You should need to know every board's 1st three letter for receiving your SSC Result 2017 by Mobile SMS system. If you don't know your board's first three letters, then note this from below.
 Education Board Name  1st Three Letters
 Dhaka Board  DHA
 Chittagong Board  CHI
 Rajshahi Board  RAJ
 Comilla Board  COM
 Barisal Board  BAR
 Sylhet Board  SYL
 Dinajpur Board  DIN
 Jessore Board  JES
 Madrasa Board  MAD
 Technical Board  TECH

SSC Exam Result 2017 All Education Board

Conclusion: If you want to get your result, you should need to wait till the result publish officially. Once the result got published, then you can collect your SSC Exam Result 2017 All Education board. If you found any problems with this post, then leave a comment on the comment section. 
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How to Check SSC Result 2017 by Teletalk

Teletalk is the one of best and most popular telecom company in Bangladesh you know. In this post, I am going to show you how to check SSC Result 2017 by Teletalk SIM quickly. Teletalk is first government mobile operator in Bangladesh. Only Teletalk mobile provide all public result by mobile SMS. Some examine aren't know how to check SSC Result 2017 by mobile SMS. They also want to get their result quickly and fast. In fact you super fast. Don't worry guys, Here are secret tips for check your SSC Exam Result 2017 within a minute. Others operator in Bangladesh provides Secondary School Certificate result from Teletalk. That's why sometimes other operator users got late for check their result. In this page, you can learn how to collect SSC Result 2017 by Teletalk mobile.

SSC Result 2017 by Teletalk

SSC Result 2017 by Teletalk SIM

Why I emphasize to Teletalk SIM? Because Teletalk company provide SSC Result 2017 at first. Anyhow you will get your result at first then other operators in Bangladesh. Everybody should follow below instruction for collect their SSC Exam Result 2017 quickly and easily when the result available for the check. Basically, you can check any result after 12:00 PM on the result publish day. Once the result got published officially by Ministry of Education, then you can check 1st by mobile SMS. When education board declares the SSC Result 2017 publish date, at first education minister Nurul Islam Nahid hand over result with the prime minister of Bangladesh. After that, you can check your SSC Result 2017 by Teletalk.

How to Check SSC Exam Result 2017 by Teletalk SIM?

It is very easy to check SSC exam result 2017 by Teletalk SIM. Every examines or every parents can check their son/daughter's result through Teletalk SIM. I again telling you. You can quickly check your result by using Teletalk SIM. So, at first recharge your mobile. Because every SMS will charge 2.75 BDT with VAT+SD. After that follow below SMS format and send a message.
SSC<space>DHA<space>SSC_ROLL_NO<space>2017 send to 16222 number.
In above SSC is your examination name, DHA is example 1st three letters of education board name. If you don't know you education board 1st three letters, then collect it from below. Then your SSC Roll Number and 2017 is the passing year. The destination number is 16222.

All Education Board's 1st Three Letters

 Education Board Name  1st Three Letters
 Dhaka Board  DHA
 Chittagong Board  CHI
 Rajshahi Board  RAJ
 Comilla Board  COM
 Barisal Board  BAR
 Sylhet Board  SYL
 Dinajpur Board  DIN
 Jessore Board  JES
 Madrasa Board  MAD
 Technical Board  TECH
In this year SSC examination was started from 2nd February to 7th March under the 7th general education board with total 1880 exam centers. In this year total 17,86,613 SSC candidates are attended on the exam. 1,35,090 examine are increased than last year. Provably SSC Result 2017 will be published April to May. After publishing the result officially, you can check your result by following above method. This is the easiest process for collect any SSC Exam Result 2017 by Teletalk.

In final words, If you have any question about how to check SSC Result 2017 by Teletalk, then just leave your question in a comment. Try hard for reply your questions. If you need more information about SSC Result, then should check out our previous posts. I hope you'll get your all information what you want. If you like this, then don't forget to share this post with your others friends.
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Dakhil Result 2017 for Madrasah Board

Dakhil is the another important exam in secondary school. Here is Dakhil Result 2017 for Madrasah Board. SSC and Dakhil are same exams. It is a program of Bangladesh Madrasah Board. Every year a big number of Dakhil examine are attended on the examination under the Madrasah Board. If you're looking for Dakhil Result 2017, then this post is only for you. In this article, I am going to share all easiest method for collect your Dakhil Exam Result 2017. On our website, we also published Dakhil routine and Dakhil exam suggestion also. Now this time we sharing most wanted and most searched how to get Dakhil Result 2017? In here you may found all available process for collect your Madrasah Board Exam Result.

Dakhil Result 2017 for Madrasah Board

Dakhil Result 2017

Dakhil is the same equivalent exam of SSC. Only Dakhil examine are attended on this exam under the Bangladesh Madrasah Board. This is result also publish with the same time of SSC Result 2017. If you want to know all process for receiving your Dakhil Result 2017, I tell you just read this page carefully. After reading this, you can easily collect your result through Intenet, Mobile SMS, and Android app system. Every year Dakhil exam held under the Madrasah education board.At the very first time, the was held on 1978. There have lots of curriculum. List are below:
  • Dakhil (Class 6-8)
  • Dakhil General
  • Dakhil Muzabbid
  • Dakhil Science
  • Dakhil Hifzul Quran
  • Dakhil Business Studies
  • Alim General
  • Alim Muzabbid
  • Alim Science
  • Alim Business Studies
Above curriculum are most important subject in Madrasah Board. A student can study one of the subjects from above list. By the way, In this article is for Dakhil Result 2017. Nowadays 3 easy processes are available for collect any result of Bangladesh education board. These lists are below:

All process are official of Bangladesh education board. In this page, I will describe all methods for you. You know this is modern age. Mobile phone in every hand on our country. So, Online internet will my great process for collect any Dakhil Exam Result 2017. Although the online internet is the best way for some reasons. First one is mark sheet. You have to must need log on the internet if you want to print out your Dakhil result with mark sheet. So dear guys, let's start.

Dakhil Result 2017 by Online

Previously I said that Online is the best way for collect any Dakhil Result 2017 nowadays. If you don't know how to get Dakhil Result 2017 by Online, then this post is only for yours. In here I will try my label best for describe the full process. I hope after reading this you can easily print out your result through online. The official website of Bangladesh Madrasah board is Previously they publish Dakhil Result on their website. But now they not. So you have to need to collect your Dakhil Exam Result 2017 from the official website of Bangladesh education board. Just go to the following link: and follow below screenshot.
Dakhil Result 2017 by Online
  1. Examination: SSC/Dakhil
  2. Year: 2017
  3. Board: Madrasah
  4. Roll: Your Dakhil_ROLL
  5. Reg no: Your Dakhil_REGISTRATION_NUMBER
  6. Security Math
  7. Hit Submit button
Now, wait few moments. You will appear on another page with your result. Then you can collect or print out the result. I hope you understand how to Get Dakhil Result 2017 by Online. If not, then you can also check our another article: SSC Result 2017 Online.

How to check Dakhil Result 2017 by SMS

This is also another easy method for collect your Dakhil Result 2017. You just need to send an SMS for receive your result. I hope you don't know the full SMS format of Madrasah board Dakhil Result. Don't worry, in below I am giving your full SMS format.

DAKHIL<space>MAD<space>Roll<space>2017 send to 16222

Once the examine send an SMS with above format, after few moments, he/she will receive another confirmation reply with his/her Name and GPA (Grade Point Average). If you want to full mark sheet with the result, then you should need to wait until 6:00 PM on the result day. Because an examiner will be able to collect full mark sheet dakhil result 2017 after 6 PM.

Look Back Dakhil Exam 2017

Dakhil Exam Result 2017
In this year, Dakhil exam was started from 2nd February to 7th March 2017 with the SSC exam. In this year total 2,38,045 Dakhil candidates were attended on the Dakhil exam 2017 under the Madrasah education board with 695 exam centers. This is the highest total from last year. Every year a smart number of Dakhil candidates are passed the Dakhil exam under the Madrasah education board. After passed this exam, they will admit into Alim program. This also under the Madrasah board of Bangladesh.

In final words: After reading this article, I hope you understand about how to collect Dakhil Result 2017 will all available process. If you have any question, then leave a comment on the comment sections. We're always for your for reply your comment. Thank you.
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