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Dialogue Writing for SSC Exam

Dialogue is also another important part of the SSC exam. Now I am sharing some important Dialogue for you. You can study this dialogue for your SSC examination 2017. I hope this will help you for making a good result in your exam. Everyone want to make a good result on the SSC Result 2017. I hope this Dialogue writing will help you for making a good result. Dialogue is a part of English second paper. I hope this make you easier.

Dialogue Writing for SSC Exam

Dialogue Writing for SSC Exam

In this time I am sharing some important Dialogue writing for your SSC Exam. These are mostly suggested by many education boards of Bangladesh. We collect this suggestion by visiting Dhaka Education Board. If you get some important suggestion for making your study more easier, then you can mostly follow our suggestion. Now lets starting some important dialogue writing.

#1 Write a dialogue between Tisha and you about air pollution.

Answer: A dialogue between myself and Tisha about air pollution:

Anis (myself): Hello Tisha, probably you have heard about air pollution.
Tisha: Yes, The most common agent that pollutes air is smoke.
Anis: How is smoke produced?
Tisha: It is produced when we cook food and burn bricks and waste materials.
Anis: I think, when we melt pitch for road construction, it is also produced.
Tisha: Right you are. Innumerable vehicles playing on the roads and streets also produce smoke.
Anis: Yes. Besides, mills and factories are also responsible for air pollution.
Tisha: Can you guess, how can we reduce air pollution?
Anis: I think rapid and effective forestation may help in this regard.
Tisha: I agree. Thank you.
Anis: Thank you too.

#2 Suppose you are Reba. Your examination is over. Write a dialogue between you and your friend Rimi about your future plan of your life.

Answer: A dialogue between Reba and Rimi about future plan of life.

Rimi: Hi Reba. Our examination has already been over. Now, do you have any plan for your future?
Reba: Yes, of course. Every man has his/her plan with future. Similarly, I also have my own plan.
Rimi: What's that?
Reba: I like to be a doctor in future.
Rimi: Why have you decided so?
Reba: I believe that a doctor can serve the suffering humanity best. So, I want to be a doctor.
Rimi: You know, getting admitted in medical colleges has become so tough nowadays. Then what's your plan to face the admission test?
Reba: I know that academic career is very much important for getting admitted into a medical college. So, I'm trying my best to achieve success.
Rimi: I appreciate your plan and your heartiest effort to make your dream true. Wish you all the best.
Reba: Thank you very much.

#3 Write a dialogue between Koly and you about the necessity of reading newspaper.

Answer: A dialogue between myself and Koly.

Anis: Hello Koly, do you read any newspaper regularly?
Koly: Yes. It's Independent.
Anis: It's nice. Do you think reading newspaper regularly is essential?
Koly: Certainly. In fact, it;s a storehouse of general knowledge.
Anis: Do you think newspaper plays any role in presenting the day to day world?
Koly: Yes. I can learn about the current affairs of the world through the newspaper I read.
Anis: Then it certainly presents the news and views on world trade and commerce, films, game, and sports etc.
Koly: Yes. you are right. These all are available in a newspaper.
Anis: Now, what's your suggestion for others regarding this?
Koly: I just want to say that everyone should read at least once newspaper daily.
Anis: Thank you very much.
Koly: It's Ok. Thank you.

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