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Important Application for SSC Exam 2017

Important Application for SSC Exam 2017! Hello dear friends, in this time I am sharing some important application for your SSC and HSC exam 2017. You know, an application is a most important part of English 2nd paper. For that reasons, In this time I am sharing most important and most suggested Application for your Secondary school certificate examination. I hope this will help you in your exam for make a good result. You know SSC Result 2017 is a website that publishes all latest educational information about SSC and HSC Exam.

Important Application for SSC Exam 2017

Today I share most important 4 Application with a full format. I hope, this will help you in your English 2nd paper exam. If you're a student of HSC batch 2017, then this post will also helpful for you. Because application comes in both SSC and HSC exam. So, guys, make a good study with this application and make a good result in your SSC Exam Result 2017.

Important posts about SSC Result 2017:
So dear guys, now let's start and note this important application for your SSC and HSC exam. If you have any question, then you can tell me on the comment box.

#1 Reading Room

The Principal,
X College,
Subject: Prayer for a reading room.
Respected Sir,
We beg to state that there is no suitable reading room for the students in our college. We cannot read either newspapers or books in our off periods. We are to read these standing on the floors. It creates great sufferings for us. As our students are increasing gradually, we are in need of a separate reading room in the campus. We are requesting you to arrange a reading room immediately.
Under the situation, we earnestly hope that you would be sympathetic enough to grant our prayer and oblige us
Yours obediently,
The students of
X College, Natore.

#2 College Campus

07 July 2017
The Principal,
Jessore Mohila College,
Subject: Prayer to set up a canteen in the college campus.
We, the students of your college beg to state that there is no canteen in our college. We have to go far off places to have food. It kills a lot of time. Moreover, some of us have the practical classes which are usually held in the afternoon. So we have to stay at the campus for a long. It is very dif´Čücult for us to stay so long a time without food. We urgently need a canteen in our college.
Under the above circumstances. we fervently pray and hope that you would be kind enough to set up a canteen in our college to remove the sufferings of the students.
Yours obediently,
The students of Jessore Mohila College.

#3 Inside the college campus

The Principal,
Satkhira K.C. College,
Subject: About the presence of outsiders inside the college campus.
With deep concern, we beg to inform you that on our college campus. the outsiders are coming and staying for a long time. They move from one place to another, make bad sounds, clap etc. loudly. It creates the lack of our attention. We can not run our classes smoothly. Sometimes they are seen sitting on the benches inside the classroom. Even they do not hesitate to use Mobile Phones either to make miscall or to take a photo. Our female students can not move freely. If anyone protests, they threaten him. So far as it is known, they do this under the indulgence of some political leaders.
Under the above circumstance, we fervently pray that you would take prompt actions against these outsiders and make the campus free for smooth education.
Yours obediently,
The students of Satkhira K. C. College.

That's it, guys. hope you got helped by finding some important application for your SSC examination. After the examination, Bangladesh education board will publish the SSC Result 2017 officially. You can find your result here for all education board. Not only result, you can find any latest information and news about your SSC exam 2017. If you have any question, then you can freely say on the comment box. I'll reply you. Thank you.

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