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Important Letter writing for SSC Exam

Hello guys, Today I am sharing some important letter writing for your SSC examination 2017. You know guys, Letter is a most important part of English 2nd part. Its come with 15 Marks. That's why I am sharing some important Letter for your exam. I hope it will be common for your exam. Previous some days, we shared another article about SSC Exam Math Suggestion 2017. You should check this out. I hope this suggestion will make your study easier. In this time I am sharing important Letter writing. Hope this also will be helpful for you. You know, you SSC English exam starting from 7th February 2017 and English 2nd part will be held on 9th February. So you can make a good study in this time.

Letter writing for SSC Exam 2017

In above I said that Letter writing is a most important part of English 2nd paper. If you want to make a good result on English 2nd paper, then you should answer this question. For your convenience, I am sharing some important letter. You can study with this letter. SSC Result 2017 is a website, that publishes all latest important and education stuff for SSC candidates. If you're an examine of SSC, Then you should follow our site for any latest information, the result of SSC Exam 2017. The Secondary School Certificate exam 2017 was started from 2nd February under the Bangladesh Education Board. So now let's see some important letter writing for your SSC Exam.

#1 Write a letter to your pen friend in England telling him/her about the celebration of Victory day in your country.

Ischakhaiy, Meherpur
Dear Joly, Thank you very much for your sweet letter from England. In it, you have wanted to know about the celebration of victory day in our country.
Let me tell in brief. We got our independence on 16 December 1971.  It is a red letter day in our national life. Since our independence, we have been celebrating this day with great pomp and splendor. The first function starts with the hoisting of flags and offering of flowers to the Shaheed Minar. Colorful processions are brought throughout the country. Different socio- cultural organizations arrange different functions. Radio, television put on special programs and newspapers publiSh supplementary on that day. Sports, discussions, feasts are held throughout the country.

In the discussions, scholars deliver lectures. The whole country appears a festive look. People of different ages attend the functions organized on that day. No more today. More when we will meet together. Wishing your best luck,

Your loving friend

#2 Write a letter to your friend describing a holiday tour you have made.

Purulia, Satkhira 
Dear Soma,
With great pleasure, I am writing you. You will be happy to know that we went to a tour to historical Mujibnagar. We were ten friends along with two of our class teachers. We started at 6 a.m. and reached Mujibnagar at 11 a.m. It is a nice place. There is a large mango garden here. All the trees are in a row. You know that the temporary government of Bangladesh was formed here in 1971. We roamed about the garden, There we got a lot of information from a freedom fighter whom we got luckily there. Now Mujibnagar has taken a new appearance. The Upazilla headquarters are established there. We spent four hours there and took our lunch at a nearby hotel. At 6 p.m, we started for home and at about 11 p.m. we reached home safely. No more today. With best wishes to your mother and love to youngers.

Your loving friend, 
Akkas Ali

#3 Write a letter to your younger brother on the benefit of reading newspaper.

Chandbil, Pirojpur
Dear Sony, Hope you are happy. We are all hale and hearty. I got your letter in time.
We live in an age of science. To compete with the modern age, you have to be competent and skilled. For this, you have to read a newspaper. Newspapers are the storehouse of knowledge. It gives news from home and abroad. You will get knowledge about current news, affairs, incidents etc. Regular reading of newspaper will flourish your horizon of knowledge. It will help you to prepare for any competitive exam. It will not only give you the news but also amuse you. So the reading of newspaper is a must for a progressive student. So, read newspapers regularly. No more today. Take care of your health. Wishing your best success,

Your elder brother,
Ariful Haque Jony

Conclusion: I hope you got helped by found these important Letter writing for your SSC Examination 2017. If you have any problem and any question about this article, then leave a reply on the comment section. If you wanna get your SSC Result 2017, then you also subscribe us for all latest updates and information. Thank you.

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