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Important Paragraph for SSC Exam

Are you an examine of Secondary School Certificate? Well, Today I am sharing some important paragraph for your SSC examination 2017. Although previously we shared some SSC suggestion. But today sharing some important paragraph and also share composition, application, letter etc for SSC examine. You know guys, SSC exam has been started from today 02 February 2017. It will continue to 01 March 2017. I hope this post will helpful for your English exam. In this post, you can found some important paragraph for SSC English exam. SSC Result 2017 is a website, that publishes all latest information about SSC exam.

Important Paragraph for SSC examination 2017

This post is important for both SSC and HSC examine. You know guys, Paragraph is most important part of English subject. It will come with 10 Marks in your exam. So guys, if you want to make a good result, then you should need to answer the paragraph. You can learn from here some important paragraph for your SSC and HSC exam both. So now lets start and study with this important paragraph.

Important Paragraph for SSC Exam

1st: A Summer Noon

Paragraph sentences: A summer noon is very hot — People can not go out — They have to stay at home — They suffer from the scorching heat of the sun —Everything in nature waits for rain.

Developing ideas: A summer noon is a time of scorching heat. The sun grows strong. It shines heavily. Man can not go out. He is bound to stay within the houses. The tremendous heat prevails everywhere. Wherever we see, we can perceive hot atmosphere. It seems that everything is burnt by the sun. People become tired. They feel thirsty. Perspiration emits from our body. The birds and beasts try to go under the trees. They become bleak and pale. There creates the shortage of water. The scorching heat dries water from watery places. The fields become dry and scattered. Dazzles of light appear everywhere. On a summer wishes rain. Life becomes difficult. Children and older people suffer much at this noon, everybody noon. life seems to be paralyzed. Work in offices is almost suspended. The passers-by are seen sitting, Normal under the shadows of trees. At a summer noon, it is really enjoyable to stay under the trees. One is lulled to sleep. However, a summer noon becomes unbearable to people because of its tremendous heat.

2nd: A Sleepless Night

Paragraph sentence: A sleepless night is really unbearable - It decays mental stamina and power - It bears horrifying experiences.

Developing ideas: Sleep is the soothing balm of life. It keeps man fresh and active. It removes tiredness and monotony. During sleep, a man gets to rest and afterward, he can resume his work. But the sleepless night is unwanted. It is horrible to everyone. It keeps a man in tension. It decays man's stamina. To pass a sleepless night is really unbearable. A sleepless man becomes restless and cranky. He does not get peace of mind. Everywhere he is in frustration. Evil thoughts engulf his total sense. He does not get attention to work. A sleepless man has to rise up from bed again and again. He tries to sleep but fails. He has to keep late hours while others are in the world of sleep. It seems some forces keep away sleepiness from his eyes. His eyes blink. As the night passes he grows pathetic. Life becomes a burden to him. He becomes haunted. The bedroom seems a cell to him. It seems that the pillow, bed and other things mock at to him. At a stage, he is forced think suicide. Thus a sleepless night is really dreadful and horrific.

3rd: Blood Donation

Paragraph sentences: Blood donation is a noble task — It survives a dying man — It ensures the safety of blood for the donor It does not harm the donor It is a humanitarian work.

Developing ideas: Blood donation means the giving of blood unconditionally for the dying patients. It is a noble act. It can survive a man. When the patients need blood, the donors are motivated by a humanitarian zeal to donate it. Blood is our life. So blood donation and collection of it is highly essential. The donors are esteemed highly. He shows hope to a dying man. The donors also get the security of blood if he ever needs. He also gets free medical check up. A healthy man can donate blood after every 120 days. We have a notion that blood donation is harmful. It is a false idea. The blood cells destroy automatically and form again after 120 days. So an adult can donate blood without any disturbance. But cares have to be taken against the professional donors. Their blood may be contaminated. Voluntary donors should be emphasized. A fixed blood bank is necessary to preserve blood in necessities. Thus we have to encourage blood donation for humanity.

In final words, If you have any question about this important paragraph for yours SSC exam, then you can leave a comment on the comment section. We'll reply you as soon as possible. If you also want to get your SSC Exam Result 2017 quickly and fast, or if you want to get interesting stuff about SSC Result 2017, then you can bookmark our website. Thank you.

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