Sunday, February 5, 2017

SSC Exam 2nd Day: Absent 8904 and Lockout 82

SSC and equivalent exam's 2nd day, Sunday 05 February 2017 total 8904 examine was absent and 82 examine has been lockout. Inter education board subcommittee president professor Mahbubur Rahman said in a signed notice that, Total 17824 examine was absent in last two days and 98 examine was lockout.

Inter education board exam prevailing sub committee's caller Tapon Kumar Sarkar said SSC Result 2017 that, In SSC exam if a student in 4 subjects, then he or she will attend on the same exam on next year.

Last Thursday 02 February 2017 SSC exam was started in total 236 center and total 17,86,613 SSC candidates attended on this year.

Today (05 February) SSC Bangla 2nd paper exam started from Morning 10:00 AM. It was another easy exam ever. Every student said, in this year the question paper was easy. That's why candidates are easily writing answer.

SSC Exam 2nd Day: Absent 8904 and Lockout 82

SSC Result 2017 Publish Date:

Basically, Bangladesh education board publish their result withing 90 days of the end exam. Previously they publish their result within 60 days But increasing of candidates, it is not possible to publish all results within 60 days. After 2007, The ministry of education board Bangladesh publish their all Secondary and Higher Secondary School Certificate result within 90 days. The SSC Exam was started from 2nd February to 04 March 2017. If you want to get your SSC Result 2017 fast and quickly, then you can follow your tutorial. Probably the Result of this year will be published on the May 2017. You can try to find your result after May.

Important for you:
In this year total, 8 general education board attended on the SSC examination. In every year more than 1M students are passed the Secondary School Certificate under the Bangladesh Education Board. Dhaka board is the most popular and a modern education board in Bangladesh. Every year most GPA (Grade point average) 5 students are passed from Dhaka board. Others boards are also developing a board. More boards are listed below.

  • Dhaka Education Board
  • Chittagong Education Board
  • Sylhet Education Board
  • Rajshahi Education Board
  • Comilla Education Board
  • Barisal Education Board
  • Dinajpur Education Board
  • Khulna Education Board
  • Madrasah Education Board

Bangladesh Madrasah Education is also developing day by day. Dakhil exam held under the Madrasah board. In this year more than 40000 Dakhil candidates are attended on the SSC/Dakhil exam. After the end of the exam, students are looking for their result. Especially they are looking for how to get any SSC Result of Dakhil Result 2017. If you examine of Bangladesh Madrasah board, then you can also get your Dakhil result from our website.

Dakhil Result 2017 will be published at the same time of SSC exam. On the result day, you can find your result on the internet after 2:00 PM and you can receive your result by Mobile SMS easily. Previous some days, we shared this article that how to get any SSC Result 2017 and Dakhil Result by Mobile SMS with more information. you can check this out.

In conclusion, Hope this news may helpful. Don't absent on your SSC Exam. Always try to go to the exam hall before 30 minutes of start exam. Sometimes students are absent on the exam for a traffic jam. That's why you always try to go out from home before 30 minutes of start the exam. If you any question, then feel free to leave a reply on the comment section.

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