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Students Failure in English - Essay

Students Failure in English - Essay! Nowadays students think English is a very hard subject for theirs. But basically English isn't a hard subject. If you study carefully, then its seem a very easy subject for yours. Now I am going to write another important essay for your SSC/HSC exam. In this article, I have described an easy essay for you about "Students Failure in English". I hope it will be helpful for you.

Students Failure in English - Essay

Students Failure in English - Essay

Introduction: English is an international language: To adjust with the 3:1th developed the world, we must learn English. English becomes a fearful subject to our students. They are failing in English in their exams. Different causes are apparent for this massive failure.

Subconscious fear in English: English is a foreign language. It is highly rich and dynamic. Definitely, it is difficult to learn a foreign language. This difficulty becomes higher if there is the lack of learning environment of that language. Our students feel fear in learning English. These are ingrained within their mind so highly that they cannot come out of these fears. They lose heart when they think of reading this. They feel they have no capacity and power to acquire competency in English. This type of subconscious fear dissuades them to attend to English whole-heartedly. Again, the premonitions about the difficulties of English also impede the students' normal progress in English.

No fixed learning method: Our students are not fully responsible for these massive failures in English. Our overall situation is greatly responsible for this. It is a matter of great regret that we have no fixed English learning method. We are still experimenting with different methods. Our students are lost within these methods. Our syllabuses are changing, modifying without any logical grounds. We can not still select whether our students will follow grammar-translation method or communicative method. The indecision's here greatly hamper our students' progress. Not only that, different institutions follow their own methods. There is no fixed method for everyone. This also accelerates the failures at an alarming rate.

Lack of proper books: The fears in English also increase when our students do not get proper books for their learning. They become restless and fall in tension. The books available in our country fail to instill the students to learn the basic rules in English. Again, the books encourage the students to memorize the answers instead of ‘flourishing their latent talents. Thus the lack of proper books is another glaring cause of our students' failure in English.

Lack of trained teachers: We have also a shortage of trained teachers. Our teachers themselves do not know how to create the students' attentions in English. They have no proper experience in communicative English. Their classes are based on lecture method. The students are encouraged to memorize the answers. Our teachers also find no suitable atmosphere to teach the students in English. Their classroom lectures are mother-tongue based. Thus there creates an indifference among the students to learn English suitably.

Lack of sufficient materials: English is a language. It is a medium of expression. If the young learners fail to express their emotion, feelings etc in a target language, they must fail. The communicative language method or Audio-lingual method needs sufficient materials which are dearth in our institutions. Even the communicative English books written under the auspices of our National Curriculum and Text Book Board are materials based. But these materials are not available. These pose a great hindrance for our students to learn English.

No learning environment: English is taught in our country as a foreign language. There is none in our country whose mother tongue is English. Thus our Bengali speaking students cannot use English in their practical life. English which they learn is only in classes. Outside the classes, English remains untouched to them. If suitable atmosphere prevails in our country, our students get interested in English.

Our exam. method: Our exam. methods are also responsible for our students' failure in English. Our exam system is writing-based. This system is run to understand the students' memory power. But ignoring skill-based education, memory can not beget good results. Again the curriculum of our English is not suitable enough to touch the students' soft mind. The students only want to cross the huddles of the exam. They attend more on memorization instead of acquiring practical knowledge. Thus our exam system also appears as a bar for our students' good results in English.

Conclusion: In this globalize world, English language occupies the highest place. So, we must learn it. We have to create a suitable atmosphere for our students to do well in the exam. We must remove all the obstacles. If we can shake off all these, it is hoed our students will cut a good figure in English exams.

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