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Important Model Question for HSC Exam (Part1)

Hello dear HSC candidates, In this time I am going to share some important Model Question for upcoming higher secondary certificate (HSC) examination.  The model question is the main part of English 1st Paper. I hope you know that HSC exam will be starting from 1st April 2017. That's why In this post I am sharing some important model questions. I'll share all important Model Question or passage part by part. I mean you'll find all important passage for HSC exam in a series.

Important Model Question HSC Exam (Part1)

HSC Model Question - Part1

HSC exam is a most important exam at all examine. Because of after that exam, every student will attend on university life. So you need to do a hard study for make good result in your HSC examination. For a good result, you should need study some common questions. For this reasons, I am sharing some important Model Questions/Passage for your Higher secondary certificate exam. I hope all will be common for you. SSC Result 2017 giving you all common model question for your exam. Now, lets start. 

Model Question - 1

We all like listening to stories, and the Person who is good at telling stories will always be a popular member of any company. The art of good storytelling covers much more than making fabulous adventure; it includes telling about the doing of living people or people of the past and about your own experiences. Practicing the art of story-telling can be very useful too. It will help you to think clearly and logically, to sort out your ideas, to express yourself clearly, to gain and hold the attention of others. It will help you to shake off shyness and give you that feeling of freedom and power which is so important to success.

When you are setting out to tell a story, you must first think out the steps in the story clearly in your own mind and arrange them in the right order. Story-tellers, who constantly interrupt the flow of the narrative to put in new points, soon lose our attention. Never waste time in the long explanation at the beginning: start straight into the story and keep it moving all the time. Any necessary explanations or descriptions can come in by the way.

Model Question - 2

Friendship is not a mere catchword or watchword but a feeling of good will and sympathy, love, and affection existing between two persons. It IS a divine feeling that springs from the similarity of tastes, feelings, and sentiments, ideals and ideology, sometimes from gratitude and often from close class admission will come from very hard and association and observation. It soothes a man in his distress, alleviates his sufferings, sustains him in his misfortunes and helps him braving life and makes his life meaningful. Time does come to one when one cannot express one's feelings to one’s brothers, sisters, parents or superiors, and juniors.

The feelings and emotions sometimes become too heavy and until and unless one who undergoes these cannot confide them to anybody but only to friends. In other words, it is only a true friend to whom one can reveal one's all secrets and feelings. However, one should bear in mind that summer or fair weather friends do much harm and can ruin morally, physically and socially. So, the right choice is a must. A true friend is one who stands by his friend in danger, smiles away his grief, encourages him in good and noble deeds, prevents him from wrongdoing, admonishes him for his wrong choice and actions and gives counsels to break the theories of life. Such a friend we need most and need to seek.

Model Question - 3

What is education? It is much more than the knowledge we found in a useful book. If a men/women are truly educated, he/she will have shown how to lead a happy and useful life or happy life and to be a good citizen of the country in which he lives; even more than that a good citizen of the world. He will have learned how to behave towards other human beings. By coming in touch with the active minds of his teachers and fellow students, he will have discovered what kind of mind he set with himself has or he will have become proud of what he knows to be right, and ashamed of doing what he knows to be wrong.

The cleverest man is not always the best educated. A wise man/women are one who is able to think clearly and read his/her mind, and then act in such a way that the best results follow. Knowledge is very useful, but knowledge by itself does not make a man wise. We need a special kind of education which will train us to use our knowledge wisely. For example, there has been a great increase in scientific knowledge during the present century but the wisdom of man has not increased at the same rate of man's mind. Wisdom guides us to make the best use of our knowledge and yourself. Without wisdom, however much, we know, we remain foolish.

Important Model Question HSC Exam

Today that's it. I'll come back in next part. Today I just share 3 model questions for you HSC exam. If you have any questions, then tell me on the comment box. I will reply you asap. Thank you.

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