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Life of a Fisherman in Bangladesh - Essay

Bangladesh is a middle income and a small country. In our country Fisherman are taking an important role in our economy nowadays. Knowing about "Life of a Fisherman" is important for us. It is also an important Essay for SSC and HSC exam. If you need to "A Fisherman or Life of a Fisherman in Bangladesh" Essay, then you can note this easy and common written composition from here. It is a very important for upcoming HSC examination 2017. Previous days I shared Important Model Question For HSC Exam (Part1). If you're an HSC examine, then you must check this out. Now lets start and study about Life of a Fisherman in Bangladesh.

Life of a Fisherman in Bangladesh - Essay

Life of a Fisherman in Bangladesh

Introduction: Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Here there are lots of tanks, ponds, and canals. These are the sources of a large number of fishes. The people who live on catching fishes are called fishermen. The life of a fisherman in our country is full of hardship and labor. He does a great deal to supply our protein on large scale. His physical appearance: The job of fishing requires a lot of hardships. A fisherman has to work hard. His physical condition is strong and powerful. He has large bones and muscles. He is stalwart and painstaking. He has to face inclement weather. He is bold and courageous.

His daily work: A fisherman catches fish in rivers, canals, and even seas. He has no sufficient net and fishing equipment. He has to borrow these from others or work with others on hire. His daily work starts early in the morning. His work continues till night. Sometimes he has to catch fish whole night. He takes his net, trap, baskets etc. to the river. He uses fishing boats. He takes a radio with him to listen to the weather report. He has to work amidst of foul weather. Sometimes he has to pass days and nights together on boats. He throws his net into the water. He draws his net and catches fishes. He collects his fishes on the basket or other pots. When he catches a lot of fishes, he smiles and his mind is filled with immense joy. He becomes upset if he fails to catch fish.

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Supplier of fish: A fisherman is a supplier of fish the most important and popular item of the daily food of us. We get protein from his work. His service is of high essential for us. If the fisherman fails to work, every one of us will be affected by it.

His family: The fisherman lives in a community. This is called a fishing village. He has a large family. Every one of his family depends on him. He has a wife, children, and other inmates. He has to feed them. His whole family is in tension when he goes out for fishing. They pass time in baited breath and eagerly wait for his safe return.

His economic condition: A fisherman does a great work but leads a very poor and miserable life. His tremendous work does not beget prosperous life for him. He has to pass days in dire poverty. He lives in a shabby cottage. His family starves. Poverty, hunger, and malnutrition always chase him. His children are deprived of the light of education. He catches fish and has to sell them to the middlemen or owners. He gets a little or no price at all. His tremendous and risky work succumbs to the shares of owners or middlemen. His economic condition can not prosper. His inmates of the family do not get medicine in diseases. He is born to work but not to enjoy life. If a fisherman lives near the coast, he may be washed away with his hearth and home anytime by the tidal surge. He has to work on the bosom of the river or sea. But his life is very miserable and pathetic.

Conclusion: A fisherman does a great job. We have to think for him. We should try to improve him for our own sake. If he improves, we will be benefited from this. He must be valued and given due importance.

Life of a Fisherman in Bangladesh - Essay

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