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How to do well in English examination

English is an international language around the world. Nowadays it’s a part of our daily life. English is the second language of our country. But it’s a matter of great sorrow that most of the students can’t do well in the English examination. Even every year a lot of student’s are failing in English. Today we will discuss the solution to do well in English examination. So let’s start buddy.

How to do well in English examination?

English is a recognized international language. Every step of our life we are using it. For developing your life you should learn English carefully for a better career. Even if you want to get admitted to Higher Education you must know English properly. Without gain a big knowledge in English, you will be failed.Most of the students of our country feel much difficulty in learning English well. As such, they can’t do well in English examination. I would like to put here some suggestion about How to do well in English Examination for secure good marks and results. If you need any SSC Exam Result 2017, then check this out.

How to do well in English examination

The first and foremost duty of a student is to attend his/her English classes regularly and listen to what his/her teachers say in the classes. Without listening to a subject attentively none can find any interest in it.

Secondly, students have to read English correctly and try to understand it properly. Reading a thing correctly and then understanding the same properly will surely develop the spirit for knowing it in a better way. Besides these, students have to make the habit of listening to the radio and the TV at the time of English news. This will help them to learn and speak English to some extent.

Thirdly, students have to write frequently what they have learned. The practice of writing a thing is a good way to knowing a subject and a language. Because writing anything makes a man perfect. Once they have learned to write a thing correctly, they will feel less trouble in expressing it.

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Fourthly, a student should have a fairly good command of the language to answer the uncommon questions set in the examination. Besides, a student has to follow certain rules in the examination hall. He has to budget his time in such a way so that he answer all his question. He has to read the question paper in several time to have a clear concept of the questions. Moreover, handwriting has to be neat and clean.

Fifthly, In order to do well in English examination, a student has to study regular from the beginning of the year. Regular studies from the very beginning help a student to prepare his lessons thoroughly. Many students neglect their studies at the beginning and when the examination approaches, they start cramming. But cramming does not help students in a time of his need. The Clear concept about English and other subject help students to answer the questions properly. A student who studies regularly learns his lesson well and marks a good preparation is sure to do well in English examination. But there are some students who work hard but cannot do well in the English examination. So keep following all the method for remarkable results and marks.

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Finally, Students have to make the habit of speaking English in their daily life. This will help them to speak English well. Besides, students have to use a dictionary to know the meaning of the difficult words. I believe, if anybody follows the above methods he will soon feel easy to read, write and speak well in the English examination. And do well in English examination.

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